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Air blower big - Black
Air blower big - Black
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About Us

Proud creator of Ultra thick flare lashes, Victorus Beauty carries one of the largest collections of false eyelashes in England and Europe.

Our 10 years and + of experience in the beauty sector gives us the knowledge and experience needed to constantly improve our range by introducing new innovative and exciting lashes.

We currently have the largest strip lashes collection in the UK, we constantly strive to introduce new models and material while maintaining the quality and high standard Victorus Lashes is known for. Our new innovative design of real mink strip lashes will soon be available.

At Victorus, we provide stunning products while giving you the best price possible. We have one of the largest collection of false eyelashes in England and Europe and this allows us to offer you a great range of products. Lash extensions come in all styles and sizes, and we’re confident that we have the perfect product for you.



The brand is always looking to create new and exclusive designs that target a broad audience going from natural to triple volume lashes.

We are carrying more than 200 references including strip, flare and single lashes as well as providing lashes for the Russian technique.

Also, the brand offers all products related to enhancing and expressing the beauty of the eyes, including the materials used for extending eyelashes, products related to prepare the extension procedure and everything needed for the aftercare including products that protect the eyelashes and minimize damage to the sensitive skin around the eyes.



Victorus has taken the false lashes market by storm.

Thanks to their handmade top-quality product, wide range and amazing customer service, this Brand is on track to dominate the UK and Europe false lashes market for both retail and trade markets.

The Unique Selling Point of our lashes is the perfection down to the smallest detail, durability, outstanding quality and variety.