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False eyelashes Strip lashes


At Victorus, we provide strip lashes to those who want to add some wow-factor to their appearance. The strip lashes bring out the best parts of your eyes, giving them added flare.They accentuate your eyes, bring maximum length and volume to your natural lashes with a very light weight.

We offer a full range of hand made and reusable strip eyelashes to meet each of your expectations, each made to suite any eye shape.

You can choose from our 60 designs divided into 4 categories:

  • Natural: Give you a natural mascara effect for an elegant style. Each lash is clearly and precisely defined.

  • Fuller: Bring you fullness at the roots and volume at the tip to achieve a smoky sultry look.

  • Glamorous: Give you a stunning and dramatic looking. Ideal to add and impact to your makeup.

  • Double volume: Add extra volume to your natural lashes. Perfect for intense and captivating eyes look.

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